Thrifty Girl,Fashionista Heart.

The first of my four-day weekend. I did mostly nothing today, but then decided to play dress up with some thrifty finds I rediscovered in my closet recently.  I’m a strong believer that you don’t have to spend a lot to look fabulous. Confidence and creativity go along way! Everything in my outfit–THRIFTED! E-ver-y-thing!!! (The necklace was the only exception, which I ditched after I took this photo.) I’ve been a thrift store girl for most of my life; I feel like it challenges my creativity and thus makes me really happy! If something catches my eye, I go for it.  I don’t follow any rules…I simply go with the pitter-patter of my little fashionista heart.

I found this jacket to be very intriguing. It came with matching pants that I actually would wear, if not  for the horrible bleach stain. The jacket doesn’t fit perfectly, but I eventually plan on taking it in at the seams a bit. I love the quirky floral pattern that somehow manages to add a bit of edge to anything I pair with it. I plan on spending most of my free time this weekend perusing through the racks of my fave thrift stores. I wonder what treasures I’ll pick up this weekend?

Oh, the possibilities are endless!

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