Home Remedy.

20130301-220741.jpg Revlon- Love That Pink + Maybelline- Vivid Rose

I’ve been under the weather sick for the past few weeks now. Kicking this cold has been tiring. After weeks of anti-socialness, it’s almost depressing that I’m still not back to my old self. I’ve been exhausting myself with countless home remedies like tea with lots of lemon and honey and gargling warm salty water. But sometimes having a little something to look forward to can be the best remedy of all. My newest lipsticks in bright pink hues make me feel a little better, and with this weekend’s forecast of temperatures in the 80’s throughout Southern California…I think it’s safe to say, Spring is right around the corner.

A little pink lipstick and warm weather might be just what the doctor ordered.

4 thoughts on “Home Remedy.

  1. Vivid Rose is one of my favorites! On a side note, if you’re of legal age adding a shot of Jack Daniels to my tea at night when I’m sick always has me feeling better in the morning (seriously).

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