Kitchen Inspiration


We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We cook, we bake, and scoop heaping spoonfuls of ice cream into bowls. That’s what we do. Growing up my mom did all the cooking and it just wasn’t something I found interest in. But since Handsome and I moved in together, It’s up to me to make the meals. (Although he does make a mean batch of popcorn on the stove for movie night.) I enjoy cooking now. I am constantly looking for new recipes…and he’s always up to taste test.

I started to do this thing that’s quickly become a habit; I open the fridge and stare for inspiration and sometimes I stare at the fridge with the door closed, still to get inspired for what to put on the table. Today, as I was staring away, it hit me…not a great recipe, but a DIY project (naturally). Add magnets to some clothespins I decorated with washi tape for a cute way to pin my inspirations on the fridge. This way, I don’t look so crazy staring at the fridge and get inspired all at the same time.

Kitchen Inspiration 2

You will need: scissors, clothespins, magnets (We used a few from our take out menu stash and the plumber–you could also buy magnet strips from your local craft supply store) and  a strong adhesive.

Kitchen Inspiration 3

1. Cut your magnet into strips to fit the size of your clothespins. You can be very precise and measure everything, but I was in a very carefree mood today, so i didn’t measure.

Kicthen Inspiration 4

2. Using a strong adhesive—My sister-in-law recommended E600 as a no-heat-needed alternative to a hot glue gun and I love it. I use it for everything. A hot glue gun would definitely do the job though.

Kitchen Inspiration 5

3. Place the magnet and press hard to ensure it’s secured well to the clothespin. Another magnet strip was added to the bottom half  too.

Kitchen Inspiration 64. Enjoy!

While I’m sure this isn’t a revolutionary crafting idea, I thought I’d share it with you anyway. And while I am on the hunt for a new cookie recipe… a few fun photos and a sweet Save- the-Date for a dear friend’s upcoming wedding might be all the inspiration I need for now.

Any recipe’s you’d like to share? Let me know! I’d love to try them out.

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