I Confess.

IMG_3527Cloth And Stone top + Forever 21 necklace (gifted) + Thrifted bangles+  MAC Faux (over Revlon Primrose) Lipstick

When I was in college, my roommates and I decided we could rise above the addiction we all had to sappy dramatic shows like One Tree Hill, and the infamous reality shows like Jersey Shore. So we opted not to pay for any cable tv. Needless to say, we found other ways to feed our addiction-DVD’s of seasons of novelty comedies ( Friends, Golden Girls, and Saved By the Bell). We’d all curl up on the couch with our text books on our laps pretending to study between episodes…nothing could stop us from finding out what was next for Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski.

After moving in together, Handsome and I decided to attempt the same thing. Enter: Netflix and Hulu! I’ve been Scandal-ized, and now hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. Today after yet another overnight,  I’m glued to my tv watching quite possibly my 10th episode of Grey’s for the day….and I’m love every freaking minute.

I managed to escape for a bit of fresh air. Just enough time for a little photo shoot.




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