Pounce Mode.

IMG_3547Double Zero top + GAP denim + Aldo clutch + Vintage and Nandri Bangles + Nine West pumps

Five years ago, my friend Cindy  invited me out. We had spent several weeks in a row having fun and doing single girly things together. (We called it Pounce Mode.) But on this particular night, I wasn’t in the mood to pounce. I wanted to stay in my pajamas, cuddle up with my mom, and pop in a Rom Com over a bowl of ice cream. Though I was enjoying my girls night in, I kept thinking about what I’d wear IF I had decided to go out instead. Not to mention a quiet voice in my head urging me to get off the couch and go out. And so, I did.

When I got to the party, Cindy was already circled by a few friends, who all  happened to be tall, dark and handsome. They were friends from a different circle, so I had never met them before.  As she introduced me to everyone, my eyes locked with the handsome one with a nice smile. He happened to be Cindy’s best friend from high school. I immediately felt comfortable, like I belonged. When the night was over, the same handsome boy with a nice smile walked me to my car and invited me to his birthday barbeque the next day. I accepted the invitation.

Pounce Mode ON!

Ten months from today, Handsome and I will be married. Proof that listening to the voice inside your head is always a good idea.




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