F21 dress + F21 necklace and bangles + UO sunnies + Thrifted boots

It’s no secret that blogging takes time. You pose in front of a camera for about an hour, edit each photo, and then write about your day. It’s more time consuming than it may seem. I get asked quite often how Handsome and I manage to find time for a photoshoot, when we both work full time (sometimes conflicting schedules) take care of Phineas, and have a social life. Here’s the secret: I take my own photos! It’s just me, my tripod and the 10-second self-timer setting on my camera. I click the button…run…and pose! I do that about a million times in a row and voila!

Our house is nestled behind a three story apartment building, where people can see me posing in front of the camera acting like a model in my backyard. It might literally make them LOL (and I’m pretty sure it has).

But after  all the running and posing for my tripod and friendly neighbors lol-ing at the sight, I’m having fun and being true to myself and that’s the only thing that really matters.






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