Oldies But Goodies


Usually when we go to the flea market, we have no intent to buy anything. It’s an excuse to spend the morning outside together and look at interesting knick knacks and maybe come home with a little treasure or two (if we manage to remember to bring cash for more than just our entrance fee).

This weekend though, we had a purpose for being there.  I’ve been in the mood to improve our home. While we laid in bed the night before, we made a mental list of things we hoped to find (a butter dish, drawer pulls, and a table for the patio, also some wall art appropriate for the bathroom).

I had never been to the Long Beach Flea Market, though I’d heard such great things about it. And I have to say, I enjoyed myself to no end! It might have even been better than the much larger one in Pasadena. I’m no expert though. But the crowd wasn’t too large, there were tons of vendors and the prices were fair. Anyway, we didn’t find any wall art for the bathroom, but we did score some other items from our wishlist that I’m uber excited about.

I can’t wait to go back next month for more amazing finds!




20130819_173905 A special butter dish from a 102 year old woman, some drawer pulls and a skeleton key for a  DIY necklace.


A vintage fruit basket (please don’t mind my spotted bananas–I’m making banana bread this week!)

20130819_174138A golden Chivari chair for the dining room.

20130819_174700An old diner table Handsome picked out for outdoor entertaining.

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