A Year Ago, Today…

Screenshot_2013-10-06-10-39-29…this happened.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask “How’d he do it?” and say ” I wanna hear the story”. So if you’re curious (and I love telling this story by the way), here it is.

One of my favorite things about our weekends, was our tradition— brunch at The Filling Station Cafe in Old Town Orange (just a few block from where he lived). Though I was excited to spend our quality time together,   I was a grump that morning because 1. I was starving 2. I hated what I was wearing (and  you know how that can have an affect on a girl!)

We added our name to the long line of hungry patrons waiting for a table. The hostess mentioned the wait would be at least half an hour and my hungry little self was not happy. But, we decided to make the best of the time we had to wait and window shop our way down the street through all the cute little antique stores. I love to peruse and look at everything, but Handsome kept trying to move me along. After a few stores, I mentioned I was bothered by how he was rushing me through the stores, but he explained that our table might be ready.

As stood at the store front, a flurry of pink balloons, flowers and streamers decorating the grassy area in the Traffic Circle caught my attention. I was excited to check out what all the excitement was about. He obliged to my wishes (like the good man that he is). When we got there, I immediately noticed flower petals neatly shaped like a heart on the patch of grass. I thought to myself “Handsome should be taking notes…this is such a sweet gesture”.  I turned to him and said “Let’s get out of here. This must be for someone special“. He smiled…a big cheesy, I’m so happy smile and said nothing. I was confused in the moment, but then he pulled me onto the flower shaped heart and explained ” it is for someone special. This is all for you”.  I dropped my clutch and threw my hands over my face in awe. What is going on!?!?! 

He got down on one knee and asked four simple words. “WILL.YOU.MARRY ME.” All the while people stopping to watch, and cars stopped on the street honking their horns at the sight.  He presented me with a box, and the in it, the shiniest ring I’ve ever seen. Tears flooding my eyes, and a few OH! MY GOD!’s later and we were engaged!!!

We walked back to the restaurant to get food in my incredibly happy belly, with my left hand now heavier and shinier. Without checking in with the hostess he claimed that our table was ready. Again, I was confused! He pointed to the direction of the tables outside and there they were…. ALL OF OUR CLOSEST FRIENDS with a sign and balloons and flowers smiling and cheering and clapping. The biggest surprise of all was seeing my best friend—she flew down from the Bay area to celebrate. I even had a friend join via Facetime because she wanted to be there too.


It’s the moment I replay in my mind when my day is going horribly, or I feel lonely.  Whenever I think about that day, a year ago… i remember that I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be sharing the rest of my life with such a thoughtful and loving man.

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