Style Study | Elie Saab

There are no words to express the genius that is Elie Saab. He is without a doubt my favorite designer. His looks are gorgeous: sexy, glamorous, and feminine.

Ugh! Elie Saab is Everything!

My goal was to pull together a compilation of my all time favorite looks–FAIL! There were just too many to choose from. So instead, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite looks from his Fall 2014 Couture collection.

Seriously, you’re welcome!

x Carina

YVL_7273.1366x2048 YVL_7548.1366x2048 YVL_7423.1366x2048 YVL_7105.1366x2048 YVL_7535.1366x2048 YVL_7081.1366x2048 YVL_7130.1366x2048 YVL_6907.1366x2048YVL_6770.1366x2048 YVL_6848.1366x2048 YVL_7606.1366x2048 YVL_7378.1366x2048

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