Self Rediscovery.


Topshop dress | F21 top | F21 necklace | Revlon lipstick Love That Pink + MAC lipgloss Big Baby

These past few months have been intense— an emotional roller coaster filled with high highs, low lows and everything in between. And in the last few weeks, I’ve been feeding my soul by allowing my creativity to shine brighter than ever before. I began blogging again, baking again, playing with makeup again, which lead to laughing and smiling and having fun again…..and ultimately rediscovering who I am.

In this moment of rediscovering myself, I’ve rediscovered a few pieces in my closet. I played around with them today and came up with this look thats truly me: a little nerdy, a little girly, bright, colorful and fun.

With the day to day grind of life, it’s easy to get lost. While it may not always come at the best time, it’s always the best thing to stop what you’re doing, listen to your heart and remember who you are.





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