My Favorite Things.

20141001_125444    {a palm tree filled sky}

My Lolo (Grandpa) Henry passed away a few weeks ago. He was a humble man who lived in the Philippines with my Lola (Grandma). He was a risk taker and Jack of all trades…He was a guys guy. Lolo loved the outdoors–fishing, hunting, planting things and watching them grow. He had a dragon fruit  farm and in the last 10 years has turned it into a legacy.

These are the few things I learned about him. I only spent time with him for a few weeks at a time with years in between each visit.  But what I did know…I LOVED! My mom and aunt went home to lay him to rest. It’s sad to know someone you love is now gone. But I find comfort in knowing he is watching over me… and smiling down.

It’s easy to take life for granted with the day to day craziness, but I chose not to let little moments pass me by.

These are a few of my favorite things this week..things I’m thankful for.

Being thankful, I learned that from Lolo. 

20140929_182304  {a dinner guest at Hubby’s favorite hole in the wall}

20140926_131851{a cheerful reminder of spooky things to come}

20140908_090915{my favorite color}

20140927_104350{a frugal game of Monopoly with my niece and nephew}

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