10 Best Holiday Movies.


Growing up, my mom and I watched a lot of movies. In fact, one of my favorite things to do on a Friday night was veg out with my mom, order take out or pizza, and cozy up to her while we watched a movie. (Very Gilmore Girls, I know!) The holidays were no different. Whenever I got to pick the movie, it was  usually The Sound of Music most of the time, but there are still some classic movies that I’d alternate between to add a little variety to our movie marathons.

This year I plan on cuddling up with my husband on some nights and my mom on others. In addition to The Sound of Music, here are 10 movies the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without (in no particular order):

313392963 (1)The Birdcage | Elf | Home Alone | Serendipity | Forest Gump

313406720While You Were Sleeping | The Santa Clause | A Charlie Brown Christmas | Les Miserable | The Holiday

What are your favorite holiday movies? I’d love to know!

x, Carina

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