Birthday Month Round Up.

After an exciting November, topped off with a fabulous birthday/Thanksgiving weekend spent with friends and family, I’m exhausted. My lame immune system just couldn’t keep up and now I’m sprawled out on the couch with a fever, the sniffles, and heavily medicated. I’m not complaining though, I’m surrounded with a few of my favorite things: birthday party left overs (the best red velvet ever and golden decor in the doorway), hot chocolate, a balsam scented candle and Serendipity (one of my all time holiday faves).

I celebrated my last few weeks of my twenties quite well. I set out to blog everyday… I didn’t succeed, but I was close (22/30 ain’t bad). Still, I had a lot of fun doing it! I saw my three closest friends who live hundreds of miles away;  they each found their way back home for various reasons…and snuck in some time to celebrate with me. Thanksgiving was another highlight, getting together with family always is. And while I was already feeling sick this past Saturday, I channeled all my energy to celebrate with friends, my parents and hubby, over cocktails and yummy food.

It was definitely a special birthday and I’m so lucky to be so loved. As dreadful as thirty might sound to most, I’m embracing it and looking forward to it. I am excited for this new chapter in my life and I’m happy to be sharing it all with you.

Here’s to being thirty, fabulous and happy.

x, Carina


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