A New Look.


I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for quite some time now. And in typical Carina fashion, it’s taken me a few years to Just Do It! In my defense, however, I really wanted long wavy hair for our wedding. Anyway, in light of the new Carpe Diem promise to myself, a few weeks before the end of 2014, I had my friend and stylist cut about 7 inches (maybe more) of length. Like most people at the end of the year, I wanted a change (I also wanted to get my hair back to a healthy place).

Having had long hair since high school, it’s such a drastic change. After a few weeks of having short hair, I’m still experimenting with styling, and what products to use and I’m having so much fun! I absolutely love my new look. I think it’s what I needed to start fresh for the year ahead.

I hope you are having an amazing start to 2015! Looking forward to share this year with you.

x, Carina

IMG_5491Forever 21 cardigan + boots | Joe’s jeans | Truly Madly Deeply shirt




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