Favorite Things.

{Vegas Sunrise}

My new job has me traveling quite frequently, visiting awesome cities throughout the Southwest. This week, I was in Vegas. It’s exciting to travel (I love people watching at the airport!), but it is exhausting and lonely– I have my fair share of homesick mood swings. I’m not complaining though, I love what I do. I am  so incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity to meet new people,  make a difference and experience beautiful places.

One of the things that thrills me about travel, for business or pleasure, is having the chance to experience the local flavor. The foodie in me, loves to try new restaurants –which I did this week. If you’re ever in Vegas, I highly recommend checking out Firefly for great tapas and drinks!  While you’re there, try the bacon wrapped dates, you’ll thank me later for it later.

I’m finally home, after a delayed flight last night. TGI…WEEKEND! Next month is filled with even more travel.  I plan on soaking in all the quality time I can with my handsome husband and squeezing in some well deserved me-time with a mani/pedi, while I’m home.

Here are a few of my faves from my week in Vegas.

Happy Weekend and Safe Travels, Everyone!

x, Carina
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20150825_182657{the chicest vending machine at the airport}

20150824_202245{the view from my room}

20150824_075056{in-flight seflie, thanks to the beautiful 7AM lighting}

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