Looking Forward To Fall.


I was excited last weekend, when I woke up in the middle of the night to the beautiful soothing sound of rain. On Monday, I even showed up to work in knee high fringe boots, ready for Fall to really begin.  But, as the week progressed, it just got warmer and warmer. Ugh! I’m so tired of the heat. I guess I’m just really looking forward to feeling like It’s my favorite time of year, and cooler weather is a big part of what makes Fall so enjoyable for me. Despite the heat though, there really is so much to look forward to. So, let me stop my complaining for just a little while, so I can let myself be excited for what lies ahead this season.

-A trip to Dallas, this week, to visit our best friends!

-Celebrating the holidays for the first time in San Diego

-My 31st birthday in November

-Cold morning walks with Phineas

-Baking everything I can think of—a perfect excuse to keep the house warm

What are you looking forward to this Fall season? I’d love to know! 

x, Carina

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