Texas Is For Lovers.


Screenshot_2015-12-09-21-27-13-1With my beautiful best friend, Marissa, at Tom’s.

Back in October, I mentioned how excited JR and I were  to  visit our dear friends, in Dallas. October came and went and so did our trip, but I failed to share any of the details. We only spent a few days there–long enough to visit the Texas State Fair, take road trip to Austin, and taste some really great food! (Babes was our fave!)

I’ll spare you the inside jokes and let you enjoy the photos instead!

My best friend, Marissa and her husband, Ryan, will be spending a few days in San Diego. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see them again– counting down the days until next weekend.

x, Carina

20151017_123930Greetings from Austin (one of about 1,000 photos we took here)

20151017_181049The funnest way to plant succulents, made locally in Austin.

20151018_121813 Just us girls.

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