Loving Lately: Podcasts

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I have found that podcasts keep me more entertained than the radio or Pandora during my mundane commute to and from work. I’ve been obsessed with Serial, even listening to the first season AGAIN after season two’s finale a few weeks ago.

So far, I’ve come across some really great podcasts. Here are 4 that I’ve been loving lately.


Thin Air //  While researching podcasts with the same investigative tone that Sarah Koenig does so well, I stumbled upon Thin Air and was hooked from the jump. The podcast covers one story every episode about a missing person’s cold case. Jordan Sims and Daniel Calderon dive deep into each story, pulling up case files and interviewing everyone they can get a hold of that has some relation to the case and the listeners are taken along for the ride. They are a brand new podcast, just 5 episodes in–so you know, at this point, i’m dying for their next one to go live.

Stuff You Should Know // It’s just a damn good podcast hurling information at you, but in the form of conversation between hosts Chuck Bryant and  Josh Clark. Each episode is devoted to one topic. They discuss it all– from female puberty (which they did very well!), to zombies, to Jim Henson.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her // A light-hearted, casual and super fun podcast in the form of breezy conversations between Lauryn Evarts  of The Skinny Confidential lifestyle blog and her fiance Michael Bosstick. Their discussions, spurred by listener questions, range from the business of blogging, to inappropriate Snapchat photos to plastic surgery. It makes for a fun commute home after a long day at work.

Ladies Who Lunch //  I’m a huge fan of influencer and Youtuber, Ingrid Nilsen. She’s bubbly and real and has such a fun personality. Ingrid and her friend, Youtuber, Cat Valdes dive into questions about online dating, friendship and more. They are just 3 episodes in, but I’m eager to tune in for whatever comes next!

A few more notable podcasts to check out  Criminal and Not Too Deep with Grace

I’d love to know what your favorite podcasts are. Any suggestions?

x, Carina

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