I’m at the point in my life when I seem to be surrounded by a growing number of mothers each year–that is, more of my friends and relatives are having children. It’s such a joy to witness these women grow into their new roles as mothers.  Suffice it to say, I’m taking mental notes until I have a child of my own.

In the past, while putting together my Mothers’ Day gift ideas, I did so mostly with just my mom in mind. This year, I made especially sure to think of my girlfriends and cousins too!

x, Carina

  1. rose petal topped petite fours from Valerie’s in LA
  2. for those days when only ice cream can get her through the day
  3. gorgeous hydrangeas to spruce up her office
  4. the prettiest pale pink  leather tote
  5. this sweet hand woven bag that’s perfect for the beach
  6. a curated collection of family photos in a beautiful album
  7. a monthly subscription for all things beauty (my mom is subscribed and loves it!)
  8. i mean….
  9. a little luxury for the lips
  10. this statement piece for a gift with purpose

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