I’ve always been a creative soul and a dreamer; a girl with a journal filled with her thoughts, sketches of her dream house and style inspirations clipped from magazines. In the pursuit of happiness and self discovery, it only seemed natural that I start blogging. And the journal I had as a tiny little dreamer, has evolved into Carina Confidential.

I live in beautiful Southern California with my husband, JR, and our sweet and cuddly yellow lab, Phineas. I’m not glamorous by most standards– I’m short, really curvy, have big frizzy hair and I live life on a budget. But I love fashion, trying new beauty products, splurging a little (sometimes) and traveling this beautiful planet.  My hope is that this is a place for you to get inspired and are empowered to feel glamorous and beautiful regardless of your shape and size and….crazy hair situation.

Let’s throw caution to the wind and be free to love ourselves, together!

xo,  Carina