Sometimes, Blow Jobs Are Necessary.

Before // After

I had to, I couldn’t help it!  

Dirty jokes aside, check out my naturally wild hair. I do have carefree days, where I chose to let my Amazonion princess hair do it’s thing, but most days I want to tame the beast.  I use a flat iron because my hair is just so damn huge, that it’s nice to wear it bone straight and feel like a normal haired girl. It’s also a great time saver. But when I have the time, and the look I’m going for requires volume, I give myself a blow job out!

For a successful blow out that provides voluminous shiny hair, I love using this Fromme brush. The copper barrel absorbs heat really well and heats hair quickly, so I’m not damaging my hair too much by keeping it under the blow dryer for too long. The combination of the copper brush and this heat protect spray  really goes a long way in helping me achieve the best blow out.

Though it is more time consuming and I haven’t completely mastered my arm and hand coordination yet, what I love about this method is that it looks more natural because of the volume and it lasts substantially longer than using a flat iron.

See, sometimes, blow jobs are necessary!

x, Carina


Red Hot + Minimal.

20150825_163422We’re suffering through a heatwave in Southern California. It has been unbearably hot here in San Diego this last month. Suffice it to say, it’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end–I’ve been lathering my body with sunblock, blasting the air conditioning, drowning myself in ice cold water by the glass, and now desperately turned to taking multiple showers a day to cool off (and freshen up).The last thing I want to do is pile on loads of make up in this insane heatwave. So lately, my everyday makeup look has been minimal –clean and easy, with a pop of red on the lip to pull it all together.

When I was in Vegas last week  (saying it was hot would be an understatement), I wore this look everyday, using almost exclusively drugstore products. Traveling with drugstore products is great because I tend to lose things when I travel, and since they’re more affordable, they are easier to replace when I lose them.

Daydreaming of cooler weather. Hope you’re staying cool, wherever you are.

x, Carina


  • Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation (310- Classic Tan)
  • ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder (Antigua)
  • EOS Organic Lip Balm (Sweet Mint)
  • Makeup Forever Mascara*
  • Almay Liquid Liner (221-Black)
  • L’oreal Infallible Lipstick (421- Charasmatic Coral)

*Sample from Sephora Beauty Insider Gift