Wanderlust: Arizona


Last week, a friend was talking about the possibility of her relocating to Arizona. While I can’t imagine the thought of living there (triple digit summers on the reg? No, thank you!), I started to think about how much there is to see and do. I’ve been to Grand Canyon before, but only heard stories about the rest of Arizona’s beauty.

JR and I have been wanderlusting all weekend, which I’m hoping will ignite actual planning for our next adventure.

I’d be happy if our wanderlust brought us here…


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For starters, we moved…to San Diego. Actually, we’ve moved twice in the past 4 months.

I was given an opportunity and my amazing and supportive  husband would not let me pass it up, even if it meant picking up and leaving all our family and friends. We’re just a few hours away from everyone we know and love, but it feels like a million miles.

I miss our family and friends. 

Still, our new city has so much to offer and we’re excited for the adventure ahead.

Comfy Sweater.

IMG_5566Miracle Sweater | thrifted skirt | vintage necklace | (old) bangles | BCBGeneration booties

I just got this sweater from a random hole-in-the wall boutique, where I’ve been shopping for years. Aside from it being black, what I love most about it is how comfortable it is to wear. Since purchasing it a few weeks ago, I literally cannot take it off. Normally I’ll wear it with Jeans or leggings, but for New Year’s Eve I paired it with a cream lace dress, knee high socks and booties (i’ll recreate it sometime for you soon, I’m sure). I was really comfortable that night–I decided to play with a similar look here. This time, bare legged with a lace skirt. I just love the ease of the sweater and how it can make something dressy, like this skirt, feel effortless and casual.



A New Look.


I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for quite some time now. And in typical Carina fashion, it’s taken me a few years to Just Do It! In my defense, however, I really wanted long wavy hair for our wedding. Anyway, in light of the new Carpe Diem promise to myself, a few weeks before the end of 2014, I had my friend and stylist cut about 7 inches (maybe more) of length. Like most people at the end of the year, I wanted a change (I also wanted to get my hair back to a healthy place).

Having had long hair since high school, it’s such a drastic change. After a few weeks of having short hair, I’m still experimenting with styling, and what products to use and I’m having so much fun! I absolutely love my new look. I think it’s what I needed to start fresh for the year ahead.

I hope you are having an amazing start to 2015! Looking forward to share this year with you.

x, Carina

IMG_5491Forever 21 cardigan + boots | Joe’s jeans | Truly Madly Deeply shirt




Do More, Talk Less.


If I can pinpoint one thing about myself I need to change, its that I procrastinate. I procrastinate almost more than anyone I know. And when I look back at certain things in my life I haven’t been as successful at, I realize it’s due in large part to this particular bad habit. It’s not that I’m starting the year off feeling badly about myself — I’m starting 2015 being self-reflective by recognizing what I want to work on. And this is one of them.

If you meet me in person and get to know me, it might seem odd for me to describe myself as someone who waits until the last minute to get things done because I am a control freak, and I’m particular about certain things. It’s true, I am all these things, but I also waste a lot of time saying “I’ll do it….later”. In essence I am my worst enemy, because I am a perfectionist by nature and lazy at the same time. There are several things in my life I’ve been promising myself to work on, but never do because, as I said “I’ll get to them…one day”. After years and years of procrastinating, I just need to do more of what I say I’ll do and talk less about it.

Call it a New Year’s Resolution, or a lifestyle change. Whatever it is, I’ve decided to Start Today.

x, Carina

Practical Neutrals.

IMG_5342H&M jacket | Forever 21 top + belt (worn as necklace) | BCBGeneration booties

In the past I’ve gravitated mostly toward color- bright and sometimes shocking color, but lately I’ve been wearing more neutrals. I think it’s a sign of my age. It’s the whole idea of quality over quantity– it only makes sense to spend my money on something if I love it and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. I find that neutrals in classic silhouettes make the most sense, since they can easily be paired with different pieces to create a look that’s appropriate for work or play.

Neutral looks don’t have to be boring though. I can be practical and still be me.  The necklace I’m wearing is a belt I repurposed to add a little pizzazz to this look. So yeah, I can be practical and still be (creative and) true to myself.