Sometimes, Blow Jobs Are Necessary.

Before // After

I had to, I couldn’t help it!  

Dirty jokes aside, check out my naturally wild hair. I do have carefree days, where I chose to let my Amazonion princess hair do it’s thing, but most days I want to tame the beast.  I use a flat iron because my hair is just so damn huge, that it’s nice to wear it bone straight and feel like a normal haired girl. It’s also a great time saver. But when I have the time, and the look I’m going for requires volume, I give myself a blow job out!

For a successful blow out that provides voluminous shiny hair, I love using this Fromme brush. The copper barrel absorbs heat really well and heats hair quickly, so I’m not damaging my hair too much by keeping it under the blow dryer for too long. The combination of the copper brush and this heat protect spray  really goes a long way in helping me achieve the best blow out.

Though it is more time consuming and I haven’t completely mastered my arm and hand coordination yet, what I love about this method is that it looks more natural because of the volume and it lasts substantially longer than using a flat iron.

See, sometimes, blow jobs are necessary!

x, Carina


Splurge or Save: Rainbow Block Sandals

splurge or save1

Manolo Blahnik //  Dune London

Last week, after setting my eyes on these babies, I could not stop thinking about them. I literally have had daydreams about prancing around in them this summer. Other than my wedding shoes, I’ve never spent more than $200 on pair of shoes and I don’t ever intend to (the Manolo Blahnik version retails for $745). So, when I came across these Dune London sandals for $69 I had to share them with you. They have a remarkably uncanny similarity, not just in color, but the silhouette is almost identical. I’m so in love.

Add to cart, checkout…done! Come to mama! 

xo, Carina



I’m at the point in my life when I seem to be surrounded by a growing number of mothers each year–that is, more of my friends and relatives are having children. It’s such a joy to witness these women grow into their new roles as mothers.  Suffice it to say, I’m taking mental notes until I have a child of my own.

In the past, while putting together my Mothers’ Day gift ideas, I did so mostly with just my mom in mind. This year, I made especially sure to think of my girlfriends and cousins too!

x, Carina

  1. rose petal topped petite fours from Valerie’s in LA
  2. for those days when only ice cream can get her through the day
  3. gorgeous hydrangeas to spruce up her office
  4. the prettiest pale pink  leather tote
  5. this sweet hand woven bag that’s perfect for the beach
  6. a curated collection of family photos in a beautiful album
  7. a monthly subscription for all things beauty (my mom is subscribed and loves it!)
  8. i mean….
  9. a little luxury for the lips
  10. this statement piece for a gift with purpose

Loving Lately: Podcasts

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.59.30 PM

I have found that podcasts keep me more entertained than the radio or Pandora during my mundane commute to and from work. I’ve been obsessed with Serial, even listening to the first season AGAIN after season two’s finale a few weeks ago.

So far, I’ve come across some really great podcasts. Here are 4 that I’ve been loving lately.


Thin Air //  While researching podcasts with the same investigative tone that Sarah Koenig does so well, I stumbled upon Thin Air and was hooked from the jump. The podcast covers one story every episode about a missing person’s cold case. Jordan Sims and Daniel Calderon dive deep into each story, pulling up case files and interviewing everyone they can get a hold of that has some relation to the case and the listeners are taken along for the ride. They are a brand new podcast, just 5 episodes in–so you know, at this point, i’m dying for their next one to go live.

Stuff You Should Know // It’s just a damn good podcast hurling information at you, but in the form of conversation between hosts Chuck Bryant and  Josh Clark. Each episode is devoted to one topic. They discuss it all– from female puberty (which they did very well!), to zombies, to Jim Henson.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her // A light-hearted, casual and super fun podcast in the form of breezy conversations between Lauryn Evarts  of The Skinny Confidential lifestyle blog and her fiance Michael Bosstick. Their discussions, spurred by listener questions, range from the business of blogging, to inappropriate Snapchat photos to plastic surgery. It makes for a fun commute home after a long day at work.

Ladies Who Lunch //  I’m a huge fan of influencer and Youtuber, Ingrid Nilsen. She’s bubbly and real and has such a fun personality. Ingrid and her friend, Youtuber, Cat Valdes dive into questions about online dating, friendship and more. They are just 3 episodes in, but I’m eager to tune in for whatever comes next!

A few more notable podcasts to check out  Criminal and Not Too Deep with Grace

I’d love to know what your favorite podcasts are. Any suggestions?

x, Carina

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DSCF6671 (1)A few months ago, my girlfriends and I spend a weekend in Portland, Oregon to celebrate my best friend, Marissa’s, 30th birthday. Needless to say, it was a boozy weekend. We sipped on champagne in our hotel room, toasted with bloody marys at brunch and tasted local beer. It was my first time in Portland, so I enjoyed the touristy stuff. Taking in Multnomah Falls, perusing Powell’s Books and brunch at Mother’s Bistro were my highlights.

It’s a rarity to spend  time together, since we’re pretty much scattered all over the globe. It was so much fun snuggling in our PJs, swapping beauty tips and discovering a beautiful city with my favorite girls.

Missing you girls already!

x, Carina

PS. Most of the photos seen were taken by my bestie, Joanne. She takes beautiful photos; these are just a few of my fave.

12790129_10101961371961907_1705577222_oDSCF6972 (1)





Now that we’re well into spring, there’s excitement in the air. Everyone around town is buzzing about  Coachella. It’s just a few days away, but per usual, I won’t be there. No FOMO though, because it’s not really my thing.

Aside from the music, art and overpriced food– I hear the fashion is TDF (to die for!) So since I won’t be there, I’ll pretend to pack my bag and imagine myself dancing to the music in these fun and festive dresses.

Are you going to Coachella this weekend? What will you be wearing?

Peace and Love, Carina


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Texas Is For Lovers.


Screenshot_2015-12-09-21-27-13-1With my beautiful best friend, Marissa, at Tom’s.

Back in October, I mentioned how excited JR and I were  to  visit our dear friends, in Dallas. October came and went and so did our trip, but I failed to share any of the details. We only spent a few days there–long enough to visit the Texas State Fair, take road trip to Austin, and taste some really great food! (Babes was our fave!)

I’ll spare you the inside jokes and let you enjoy the photos instead!

My best friend, Marissa and her husband, Ryan, will be spending a few days in San Diego. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see them again– counting down the days until next weekend.

x, Carina

20151017_123930Greetings from Austin (one of about 1,000 photos we took here)

20151017_181049The funnest way to plant succulents, made locally in Austin.

20151018_121813 Just us girls.