Happy Thanksgiving.

Jayare and Carina-581

I’m thankful each and every day for this family- filled with big personalities, loud voices, amazing cooks, but best of all, the greatest source of love. I live for this group of crazy individuals that I’m so lucky to call my family, and I love them all so much.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope your bellies are stuffed with turkey and your hearts are filled with love.

x, Carina

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Favorite Things.

20141109_115641{ brunch at a local and very authentic Pho restaurant }

 It was chilly this morning, perfect weather for sleeping in, brunch at the local Pho restaurant, and perusing down memory lane while viewing photos taken from the last few years.

Here are a few of my faves.

x, Carina

IMG_4024{ From an epic adventure to Arches National Park }

1384203_10101118294261437_768406486_n{ arm wrestling at our engagement shoot last year }

483002_10100507546235317_1066502122_n{ a photo collage from my dearest friend Marissa, top right,  on the day we got engaged }

64070_338732356164107_807295295_n{ morning cuddles with Phineas at Hubby’s old place in Orange }

Favorite Things.

20141028_191651{dinner at a new gastropub in town}

No need to ramble today, I’ll just let the photos (and captions) do all the talking.

Happy Friday, everyone! Better yet…..Happy Halloween! 

x, Carina

20141017_162806{ the chicest courtyard at a shopping plaza in Newport Beach }

20141029_214730{ Phineas all tucked in and ready for bed }

20141026_020446{ 2AM happenings at the local taco window }

IMG_4741{a little bathroom humor* to match the photo we took from last year’s engagement shoot at Hubby’s request}

*inspiration from bathroom  photo, here. 

French French Toast


I was in the mood for French Toast this weekend and as luck would have it, we had all the ingredients sans the bread. Bummed at the thought of not having French toast for breakfast,  I remembered we had half a French baguette left over. Merci, French toast gods! 

I tweaked this recipe a bit. Voila! French, French Toast!

Don’t you just love when things work out the way you want them to? 




Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

A friend is getting married next weekend and while she and her husband-to-be have a few gift registries, I was browsing the web for a  some alternative gift ideas. So, if you’re attending a wedding in the near future and want to give a gift a little out of the ordinary, but still just as special and definitely unique, here are a few ideas.


        A personalized wine box- 3 separate compartments for 3 bottles of wine.

       One bottle for each anniversary- 1st, 5th, and 10th | WineforAWedding.com


Cooking Class for the New Mr.& Mrs. | Hipcooks, West LA

                      pp_red_4            pp_red_3

Monogrammed leather passport holders for their Newly Wed adventures | Cuyana

Breakfast at Blackbird Cafe.


One of my life’s simple pleasures is enjoying a meal with the company of someone I love. My husband (it feels amazing to say that, by the way) took a day off midweek for a few appointments. Before his day got too hectic, we went out for a cup of coffee and Mexican fusion Eggs Benedict.

It goes without saying, my heart was happy.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend filling it with whatever makes your heart happy.

x, Carina


Oh Joy! Bruschetta In My Belly!


If you follow me here, then you know Hubby and I went to the Farmers’ Market earlier this week. We came home tired after a long walk home with a canvas bag filled with some really great produce (including the cutest tiny little cherry tomatoes) and really inspired to make something tasty this week.

After a late start to the day, bouncing around town running errands, and my cute little cherry tomatoes in mind, I was hungry for a light Italian-ish lunch! Enter Oh Joy! I took a few notes from her Garden Bruschetta video and whipped up a quick batch of the stuff.

Holy Canoli! There are no words to explain how well this hit the spot.

Lunch was done and in my belly in minutes!