Now that we’re well into spring, there’s excitement in the air. Everyone around town is buzzing about  Coachella. It’s just a few days away, but per usual, I won’t be there. No FOMO though, because it’s not really my thing.

Aside from the music, art and overpriced food– I hear the fashion is TDF (to die for!) So since I won’t be there, I’ll pretend to pack my bag and imagine myself dancing to the music in these fun and festive dresses.

Are you going to Coachella this weekend? What will you be wearing?

Peace and Love, Carina


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California Winter

20151206_142018 F21  shirt dress + beanie,  thrifted cardigan, Marc Jacobs bag

What I love about living in Southern California is that winters are cold, but not completely freezing. I can still be bare-legged and stay warm with cozy layers and accessories.

We lounged around and cuddled on the couch most of the day –it was a well-deserved lazy weekend after an intensely long work week. But I managed to pull it together, long enough to play dress up.

It feels good to be back.

x, Carina



Take Me To Italy.

I’ve been out of town again for work– this time, in the middle of nowhere. So, I’m laying low in my hotel room with room service and a movie…daydreaming about what I’d wear on my own Italian adventure.

A look inside my brain, right now.


  1. For Pizza In Venice in this jumpsuit, denim jacket and olive leather duffle
  2. Discover Rome dressed in this or this, these cateyes, structured over the shoulder and comfy flats
  3. Brunch in Positano wearing this two piece, hat and these sandals

Fringe Fashion.

Fringe title

I’ve always been a fan of fringe, but other than a pair of suede knee-high boots (i haven’t worn in a million years), I generally steer away from it. Knowing it’s a polarizing trend, I’ve been avoiding it…maybe even intimidated by it (i know right? ME? The girl who wears purple lipstick and sequins?!) But here’s what I’ve learned –like most statement fashion trends, keeping the look simple and understated makes the biggest impact.

Here’s a look at fringe fashion I could picture myself braving to wear. Life’s to short, Carina…just wear the damn fringe!

fringe fashion 2

  1. to-die-for suede jacket 
  2. pair this with a basic black tee and booties
  3. for a cozy fall evening
  4. sexy heels to jazz up a simple LBD
  5. a bucket bag to go with everything

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Practical Neutrals.

IMG_5342H&M jacket | Forever 21 top + belt (worn as necklace) | BCBGeneration booties

In the past I’ve gravitated mostly toward color- bright and sometimes shocking color, but lately I’ve been wearing more neutrals. I think it’s a sign of my age. It’s the whole idea of quality over quantity– it only makes sense to spend my money on something if I love it and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. I find that neutrals in classic silhouettes make the most sense, since they can easily be paired with different pieces to create a look that’s appropriate for work or play.

Neutral looks don’t have to be boring though. I can be practical and still be me.  The necklace I’m wearing is a belt I repurposed to add a little pizzazz to this look. So yeah, I can be practical and still be (creative and) true to myself.



12. Bumming It

IMG_5123 F21 tops | Gap boyfriend jeans | Vans beanie | L’oreal Infallible lipstick in Resilient Rasin

I have been feeling under the weather these past few days and it’s driving me crazy! Why is it that I only realize how thankful I am for good health, when I’m sick? We had a friend come into town this week and we missed out on dinner to visit with him and our group of friends … so bummed!

I had a planned day off yesterday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I slept in, spoiled myself with green tea, a Gilmore Girls marathon and bummed around in yoga pants and fuzzy slippers most of the day. I snapped out of it just in time to get dressed and run a few errands to feel like I was actually accomplishing something for the day.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy…and not taking it for granted. 

x, Carina






5. My Sequin Treasure

IMG_4957DIY distressed tee | thrifted jacket | F21 leggings | Nine West pumps | L’oreal Infallible Resilient Rasin lips

I found this jacket on one of my thrifty adventures several years ago and its been a treasured piece in my closet since then. I can’t get over how perfect it is–the colors, the sparkle, and how fits just so. She’s so pretty and she’s all mine. 

I’m in love all over again.

x, Carina