Two Year Anniversary.

10472825_10101319960690297_2614153603999943808_o-1Today is our second anniversary. So much has changed in our life together over the past two years, through a roller coaster of events, but what stays constant is our love. And that’s all that matters. We have plans to stay in tonight (since JR works late some nights) and we’ll celebrate with a special date night this weekend.

Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you more with everyday. 

x, Wife10482019_10101319960750177_6118845521281438076_o

My Supportive Husband.

IMG_4746F21 Tshirt+ Clutch | Marc Fischer Shoes | Revlon Lipstick-Love That Pink

I achieved a milestone at work this week. And I know its been just a few weeks, but I really love my new job. It also feels nice to be recognized by the company for performing well.  JR, being the amazingly supportive husband he is, took me out to celebrate over wine and a nice meal. We ended the night after taking a long walk with frozen yogurt in hand.

It was a really good night.

One of the reasons I fell in love with him was his thoughtfulness and how he loves to celebrate every single one of my successes…even the small ones. #grateful

x, Carina



Breakfast at Blackbird Cafe.


One of my life’s simple pleasures is enjoying a meal with the company of someone I love. My husband (it feels amazing to say that, by the way) took a day off midweek for a few appointments. Before his day got too hectic, we went out for a cup of coffee and Mexican fusion Eggs Benedict.

It goes without saying, my heart was happy.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend filling it with whatever makes your heart happy.

x, Carina