Two Year Anniversary.

10472825_10101319960690297_2614153603999943808_o-1Today is our second anniversary. So much has changed in our life together over the past two years, through a roller coaster of events, but what stays constant is our love. And that’s all that matters. We have plans to stay in tonight (since JR works late some nights) and we’ll celebrate with a special date night this weekend.

Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you more with everyday. 

x, Wife10482019_10101319960750177_6118845521281438076_o

Housewarming Gift Ideas.

title 8.16.15

A few of our closest friends have recently become homeowners and we couldn’t be happier for them! It’s such an exciting time in their lives and one way to celebrate their fabulous accomplishment is with a fabulous gift.  If you’re like me and have a special loved one whose recently become a homeowner, here are a few gift ideas they are sure to love.


  1. the most elegant Scrabble board (
  2. minimalist canisters for baking essentials (
  3. a luxurious scented candle (
  4. travel inspiration to hang on the wall (
  5. a metallic hanging planter to add a little life in any room  (

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Spontaneous Date Night


I got home from work a few hours earlier than usual, having every intention to lounge on the sofa with a glass of wine and my laptop to do some blogging. I slipped into this casual cold shoulder dress ready to do some work, only to find myself on a spur of the moment date with my husband just a few minutes later.

As I found my spot on the couch and got comfortable enough to blog away, JR walked into the room and smiled,  “You’re in a dress, looking very pretty and I want to take you out.” 

How can any girl say No to that? So, we ended up at Ballast Point Brewery, close by, for a few drinks, a bite to eat and really fun date night.

Love you, babe!  

x, Wife




Do More, Talk Less.


If I can pinpoint one thing about myself I need to change, its that I procrastinate. I procrastinate almost more than anyone I know. And when I look back at certain things in my life I haven’t been as successful at, I realize it’s due in large part to this particular bad habit. It’s not that I’m starting the year off feeling badly about myself — I’m starting 2015 being self-reflective by recognizing what I want to work on. And this is one of them.

If you meet me in person and get to know me, it might seem odd for me to describe myself as someone who waits until the last minute to get things done because I am a control freak, and I’m particular about certain things. It’s true, I am all these things, but I also waste a lot of time saying “I’ll do it….later”. In essence I am my worst enemy, because I am a perfectionist by nature and lazy at the same time. There are several things in my life I’ve been promising myself to work on, but never do because, as I said “I’ll get to them…one day”. After years and years of procrastinating, I just need to do more of what I say I’ll do and talk less about it.

Call it a New Year’s Resolution, or a lifestyle change. Whatever it is, I’ve decided to Start Today.

x, Carina

22. In A Hurry

IMG_5250thrifted chambray top | Forever 21 sweater | H&M dress | Michael Kors bag

I decided to sleep in…on a work day, so I had to run around the house and haphazardly throw things on before rushing out the door. Surprisingly, the result was successful. Thank goodness I’ve mastered a 5 -minute makeup routine. Maybe its the excitement of the holiday/birthday weekend around the corner, but I seriously can’t wait for this (short) work week to be over.

Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough…. 

x, Carina