Bridezilla and Her Body.

IMG_3830Feeling good (and sweaty) after hitting the gym.

I was always fairly thin growing up. I was active and had youth on my side, but since college I put on more than a few pounds and have been struggling with weight loss since then. Of course its normal to have insecurities about my body, I’m a girl aren’t I? But when you’re a bride imagining yourself in a white dress….and you’re not freakin’ Kate Middleton, you start to freak out!  While I was over the moon about our engagement, I couldn’t help but think, Oh My God! I’m gonna be a fat bride!

Since our engagement, I’ve been slow to do anything about it. But in recent weeks I’ve been making big strides not just to drop the weight, but really to feel better! I’m excited to see what comes out of my recent Bridezilla motivation. Of course having the support of friends, family and my amazing Husband-to-be helps a lot, too!

Day by day, as I continue to eat better and hit the gym (everyday),  I get more and more excited about our wedding and how I will look and feel in MY white dress.

In just 9 short months we’ll be saying I do!

Stay tuned!

x, Carina