One Piece Wonder.

Here’s the thing–I’ve always had trouble with the idea of a bikini. Even at my body’s best, I didn’t like the feeling of being so exposed in public. I have a few bikinis that I like to wear, but I tend to feel more confident in a one piece.  While my choice in swimwear might sound more modest than most, I’ve come across some super sexy swimsuits that I can totally get on board with.

I honestly can’t decide which one I love most.

What about you–are you a bikini or a one piece kinda girl? 

x, Carina


From  ASOS  |  Kore Swim |  Victoria Secret  |  Victoria Secret

1piece2           From  F E L L A | Blue Life | Vince Camuto | River Island


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Saturday Morning.

IMG_4601F21 Tee + Jeans +Boots | Vintage Scarf | Steve Madden Bag | Victoria Secret Very Sexy Temptation Eau De Parfum

I had a casual meeting with a client this morning, and since it was a short meeting, Hubs came a long for the ride. We were in the neighborhood, so we took a trip to Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar. If you’ve never been, you need to go. It’s a beautiful nursery that feels more like you’re walking through a peaceful Disneyland–you can’t help but feel happy and overwhelmed with a sense of calmness. I’ve been a few times and each visit is a unique experience.

It’s a nice walk around the nursery since there’s something eye catching in every direction-beautiful plants, flowers and landscape features (statues, fountains, etc.) They have it all decked out for the holidays with separate shops for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor. I only caught photos of the Halloween shop—it was my favorite.

What a perfect start to the weekend.

IMG_4605  IMG_4589

IMG_4570  IMG_4571


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