Carrie Bradshaw was my Cinderella–by no means was she perfect, but she found a man who loved her anyway! As a girl in my teens and twenties, I’d fantasize about living her glamorous life. You can say, I wanted to literally live in her shoes.

And in the last few months of planning my wedding, I still hadn’t found a pair of shoes worthy to walk me down the aisle. But when I heard SJP (who by the way, is my Ultimate style icon) launched her line of shoes at Nordstrom, I had to check them out. Perfect in every way, the vintage inspired T-strapped pumps were elegant and classic. I knew they were THE shoes. And fitting since, they are called the Carrie. It only made sense to have her with me as I walked down the aisle.

The best part about these shoes is being able to wear them on any given day. And when I do wear them, I look down at my feet, smile and I’m reminded of how these shoes Carrie’d┬áme toward my very own Mr. Big on our wedding day.